Let’s talk about something serious today that I really care about!
The ocean was always dear to me. I‘m half indonesian and I‘ve witnessed how sea life and their exotic biodiversity have decreased over years. Recent talks of plastic pollution is something that effects all of us and we should start taking responsibilities. I myself started to use plastic free cosmetic products (shampoo, deodorant etc), which is just a small step of reducing plastic waste.
In addition I felt the need to donate to charities that will help clean the oceans and the beaches.

My business is to sell bookmarks and postcards and it‘s been successful for over a year already. So why not create a design for charity reasons? I’ve painted a huge underwater scenery for this exact reason. The painting I did will be divided into four different looking bookmarks as a collectible. 100% of the income will be donated to a charity that contributes to clean ocean and beaches.

Collectible Charity Bookmark No. 1


The income of the first bookmark will be donated to TheOceanCleanup

They focus on creating technologies that help collect plastic waste that are floating on the oceans surface as well as cleaning up the ocean.


Swipe to see how the bookmark looks like!


TWO-SIDED bookmark info:

_size: 14.8cm x 5.2 cm


_printed on 300g/m2 paper

Charity No. 1

2,00 €

  • available
  • 5 - 8 Days1