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By @bookish.whisper

By @bookish.whisper 

By @booksbreathemagic  "stunning print"

"Sea Enchantress" - Shop Category: Postcards

By @abbeysbookstopia "It's so stunning and if you flip to the next picture you'll see the back which is gorgeous mermaid scales and I absolutely love when bookmarks are double sided!!!"

"Lira" - Shop Category: Bookmarks

By @forbiddenstories "eines meiner neuen Lieblings Lesezeichen"

"Strange The Dreamer" - Shop Category: Bookmarks

By @ravenreadsalot "Pretty double-sided bookmark"

"Magic Exists" - Shop Category: Bookmarks

By @lea_lost_in_books "absolutely gorgeous"

By @miss_lovin_books


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    Lea (@lea_lost_in_books) (Friday, 28 December 2018 16:29)

    I own nearly every bookmark and postcard from Kimcarlika. She is just incredibly talented. I'm also very happy with her Reading Journal. ❤️

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    Kady (lost_betweenthelines) (Thursday, 27 December 2018 23:57)

    I got the journal for Christmas, and though that's been just two days ago I already can't imagine life without it anymore. Honestly, it's the perfect journal to keep track of the books you read and it's got space for all the info you wish to remember. I'm in love!

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    Amy (Thursday, 27 December 2018 21:23)

    I have quite a healthy collection of bookmarks forming and they are all so beautiful, the quality is incredible. They look even prettier in real life too! 100% recommend.

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    Saskia aka pinkdinoprincess (Thursday, 27 December 2018 20:40)

    I preordered the reading journal a few months ago and it arrived last month.
    The design is fantastic and I'm so happy I got it!