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This is a Special Edition from @illumicrate with a blue cover and signed by both authors

REVIEW - Aurora Burning

by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

SPOILERFREE , 5 Stars , read in June 2020


This book was everything I have hoped for!

Just like Aurora Rising, this book played out like a movie. It was full of action, plot twists, secrets unraveled and swoon worthy romance. The whole book is written in a humerous way and even if you suffer with characters, there is always a quirky line that ends up making you smile.


I loved that we got introduced to a new character, Saedii. She really adds some spice and mixes things up with Squad 312. I can't wait to read more about her in Aurora Cycle #3.

Kal, my Be'shmai from Book 1, turned out to be even more dashing and irresistable than in Aurora Rising. Who knew that THAT was possible? That gorgeous Kal drawing by Charlie Bowater on the cover is also a HUGE bonus!

I was happy that we have gotten more depth into Zilas character in Aurora Burning and I just have to say "I am not feeling nothing"!!!!


Overall, I was highly entertained by the book! The only critic I would have that certain passages felt compressed. I did see though, that Kristoff and Kaufman already had to cut down their Acknowledgements because the book got too long, so I can sort of understand, why some parts in the book didn't get as much detail, as it might've should.

I need Book 3 now... because that ending... *mindblown*

REVIEW - Bone Crier's Moon

by Katheryn Purdie

SPOILERFREE, 2 Stars, read in May 2020


This book had so much potential and giving that it was claimed as an enemies-to-lovers trope with the background of Les Dames Blanche, I had high expectations. Sadly, I was disappointed by the book. Let me review this according to the CAWPILE rating system!



The book started out very intriguing! We have three POVs: the fierce AILESSE, her shy friend SABINE and the determined BASTIEN.

As the story progressed, Ailesse and Bastien lacked in character development. The love-development was close to non-existent and the transition from enemies-to-lovers was not comprehensible, as it lacked depth and sparks.

Sabine was the only one who rocked this book and I kept on reading because of her. I feel like this book would've been totally fine, if it only focused on Sabine. The story between Ailesse and Bastien was so dull, it felt like it only happened to have some romance in this book.

The side-characters, well... they kind of disturbed the relationship establishment between the couple. 3/10 points



I LOVED the magic system in this book. I would've loved to have gotten more history on that part. Sadly, the atmosphere in general was pretty lacking, at least in the Ailesse-Bastien chapters. No sparks, no passion, no atmosphere. 6/10


Writing style:

It was very simply written and easy too read. In my opinion a little too easy. I was missing sentences, that made me go WOW or were generally well written to make me think "This should be a quote!" / "This is some real life advice!" / "Words of truth!". 4/10



Good headstart, the middle section was fairly dull and unspectacular. The end unraveled some secrets, which made the book interesting again, but failed to deliver the mindblown-effect.

I think this book has so much unused potential. I think a little more editing or some other decisions that characters have made would've made the plot much more interesting. 4/10



Obviously I was super intrigued about the enemies becoming lovers-part. Since that one didn't really happen, I just kept on reading to see what happens with Sabine. 4/10



The magic system made sense and was, as mentioned, one of the best aspects of the book. The mother of Ailesse made some decisions, where I can partly understand why... but there was one big thing, that did not make any sense to me. I won't tell, it would be a spoiler, but dang.. I can't imagine any mother acting/thinking like that. 6/10



I did enjoy the beginning.. and a little of the end. I also admit that I've read this book pretty fast, because it had a very easy writing style. But thinking back about all the criterias above: Did I really ENJOY it? I often rolled my eyes, laughed about absurd things that the characters have done and often thought "this is so cliché". Guess that makes it a 3/10

I'm not sure if I would continue the series. There is potential for the second book, that is for sure. I just don't know if the author will make the right decisions in developing those.